Biden’s trade nominee has family roots in both Taiwan and China

WASHINGTON: Katherine Tai, chosen to end up being President-elect Joe Biden’s leading trade negotiator, has family roots in both China and Taiwan, she told press reporters on Friday, answering questions bubbling in Asia considering that her nomination first surfaced earlier this week.If validated as U.S. Trade Agent, Tai, who presently acts as the primary trade counsel for the U.S. Home Ways and Means Committee, would play a key role in negotiating trade contracts with China and other countries.Tai, who speaks

fluent Mandarin, stated her parents were born in mainland China and grew up in Taiwan before moving to the United States in the 1960s as graduate students in the sciences. Tai, 45, was born years later in Connecticut.Some media explained Tai as Taiwanese-American, while others called her Chinese-American, a distinction typically ruled out substantial in the United States, but that activated sensitivities in democratic Taiwan, which is pushing Washington to sign a bilateral trade deal in the face of what it describes as “unrelenting intimidation” from China.China, which claims Taiwan as its own area, has ramped up its military activities near the island.Tai, who spoke briefly after being introduced by Biden, said her dad was a scientist working to advance treatments for American soldiers who served in the Vietnam War, and her mom still works on treatments for opioid dependency at the National Institutes of Health.Tai stated it never struck her up until years later – while submitting documents to work for the firm she might quickly head – that by being born in the United States she became a U.S. resident prior to her parents, who were naturalized in 1979. She also mentioned her pride in representing the United States in a case against China before the World Trade Company, together with a colleague whose parents had emigrated from India.”2 children of immigrants there to serve, to eliminate for, and to reflect the nation that had actually opened doors of hope and opportunity to our households,” she stated.

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