Best cycling glasses for 2020 to protect your eyes

Keen cyclists will know that glasses are essential for a comfortable and pleasant bike ride, shielding your eyes from the sun in summer, and also protecting you from inclement weather and the odd bug or two.

The best cycling glasses will often have interchangeable lenses: clear for darker conditions, shaded with UV protection for sunny days, and yellow-tinged for brightening up the outlook in overcast conditions.

You can also opt for photochromic lenses, that change their tint automatically depending on lighting conditions, if you want a no-hassle experience.

Of course, you’ll also want them to look good for a sleek and chic riding style – oversized, larger looks are particularly de rigueur.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable, basic pair for commuting or a pro-worthy pair for off-road adventures, we’ve rounded up the best cycling glasses for all budgets below.

Best cycling glasses for 2020

1. Rapha Explore Glasses

Described as brilliant for “all-day adventures” including off-road riding, these super-stylish glasses are a great investment.

Not only do they look good, but all Rapha’s cycling glasses boast technology for rapid adaptations to changes in light and greater contrast on all road surfaces – so you’re in good hands.

There’s a handy removable strap, Megol arm grippers keep them firmly in place, and the interchangeable nosepiece comes in two sizes for an adjustable fit.

Lenses are interchangeable and each pair comes with a spare clear lens for use in lower light conditions. They also boast military-grade anti-fogging treatment and an anti-scratch layer. While protecting you from dust and spray. Available in a range of cool colours too.

Price: £130, Rapha – buy here now

2. Oakley Flight Jacket

Sporty ladies won’t regret making an investment in these high-quality performance glasses, with an aerodynamic shape perfect for cycling, running and other training.

The open-brow topline offers a great upper field of view, and the nose bridge opens air flow to combat fogging.

The lenses are equipped with Oakley’s Prizm technology, which works to enhance colour and contrast so you can see more detail ahead of you.

Price: £187, Oakley – buy here now

3. X-Tiger Polarised Sports Sunglasses Cycling Glasses

Proof you don’t need to spend a fortune on a good-quality pair of cycling glasses, these frames are a bestseller on Amazon.

The frame is ultra-light with a soft rubber nose pad so you can wear them comfortably for longer periods of time.

You can choose from three or five interchangeable lenses: the main one is a revo colourful lens perfect for working under strong and bright light;the transparent lens for working on rainy days and safe daily use; the yellow lens is ideal for working at night, cloudy or other dark environments; grey lens protects your eyes from UV/dust/wind/insects; and the black polarised lens eliminates reflections on surfaces such as water, snow and road, are used for driving and other activities.

Price: £22.99, Amazon – buy here now

4. Sungod Velans

Seamlessly blend function with fashion with these super-cool cycling glasses that boast the most advanced lens technology, crafted in co-nylon that’s lighter and superior to polycarbonate.

You can choose from four different-sized interchangeable nose pads, and you can add a bottom frame if that’s your preference.

Available in eight lens tints and two photochromic lenses.

Price: £115, Sungod – buy here now

Cycling 2020

5. Oakley EVZero Ascend

As Oakley are the OG of cycling glasses, they make an appearance twice on this list.

If you’re looking for a pair of cycling glasses that also multitask as anything from running frames to errands and life on-the-go, these are for you.

Perfect for commuting and light weekend rides, they also boast the clarity-inducing Prizm technology of the Flight Jackets.

Price: £143, Oakley – buy here now

6. Van Rysel Adult Cycling Photochromic Glasses

Versatile, stylish and affordable, these cycling glasses tick a lot of boxes.

One lens adjusts automatically to ambient brightness and has 100% UV filter, and there’s a yellow lens to improve contrast in low-light conditions.

The wraparound design protects your eyes from wind, splashes and bad weather, while they’re lightweight and scratch and slip-resistant.

Price: £49.99, Decathlon – buy here now

7. dhb Women’s Triple Lens Sunglasses

Looking for an affordable pair of cycling glasses for your commute? These are perfect.

Lightweight, scratch-resistant and coming with three different lenses to suit all conditions, they’re practical, durable and stylish.

Price: £25, Wiggle – buy here now

8. FWE Helios Revo Purple Polarised Glasses

Another great pair perfect for commuting and light leisure riding, these cycling glasses are pretty and practical.

The rubber nose and arm grippers provide a secure and comfy fit, while the scratch-resistant polarised lens protects your eyes and improves clarity – great for spotting the odd pothole in the shade.

Price: £24.99, Amazon – buy here now

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