AstraZeneca Covid vaccine linked to 41 deaths, new statistics show

THE CHANCE of developing a fatal blood clot from the AstraZeneca Covid jab is just 0.00018 per cent, brand-new figures expose.

Around 22 million Brits have gotten a dose of the AstraZeneca jab and of that, 41 have died following an uncommon blood clot.

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The Medicines & Health care products Regulatory Firm (MHRA) released its latest findings today, specifying that approximately April 21 there had actually been 209 Yellow Card reports of cases of major thromboembolic occasions (blood clots) with concurrent thrombocytopenia (low platelet counts) in the UK.

These cases happened after clients received a dosage of the AstraZeneca jab.

But with simply over 33.9 million people already having their first Covid vaccine, and 13.5 million their 2nd, the dangers are extremely small.

The MHRA utilizes “yellow card” reporting in order to track side effects in patients who have had the jab.

It specified that of the 209 cases, 120 occured in females and 89 happened in guys from ages 18-93, with the general case fatality rate at 19 percent – with 41 deaths.

It comes as:

The MHRA has reported more cases and deaths in ladies compared to guys.

But professionals have actually said this appears to be due to the way the vaccines were rolled out, instead of a genuine greater threat in ladies.

Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, chairman of the Commission on Human Medicines, informed the Science and Technology Committee this week informed MPs that females were “at no greater threat” of blood clots from the jab than their male counterparts.

Last week it was reported that the jab was connected to 32 deaths with a 0.00015 per cent of passing away after having the jab.

This has actually increased a little this week – however might relate for a lag in information and the reality more jabs have now been dosed out.

Today, just 4 cases of these serious embolism had been reported after a second dosage of the jab.

Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis was reported in 84 cases and 123 had other major thromboembolic events.

It was formerly specified that under-30s be offered various shots as a “course correction” after the MHRA discovered a “fairly possible link”.

The JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation), states the jab is “safe and effective” however that people under the age of 30 could be provided an alternative vaccine.

This, it stated was a “preventive procedure” after a number of individuals experienced embolism.

On April 7, when JCVI revealed this step, there were just 79 cases and 19 deaths after 20 million dosages were offered. At that point the risk of dying from the jab was 0.000095 percent and it discovered that three of the deaths were individuals under 30.

Side effects can accompany all medications and vaccines and this is no various for coronavirus vaccines.

Most people will not have any negative effects after their jab, but those who do have reported discomfort at the website of injection, flu-like signs and fatigue.

The MHRA formerly said that if you have a headache for as much as four days after having your jab then you should look for medical advice.

The handful of cases amongst countless individuals who have had the jab makes the risk extremely little – smaller sized than the benefits of the jab, experts state.

However because embolism can be fatal, it deserves understanding the symptoms just in case.

The UK’s medicine regulator, the MHRA, says you ought to seek medical advice if you have actually had any of these symptoms 4 days or more after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine:

a brand-new beginning of extreme or persistent headache

blurred vision



shortness of breath

chest discomfort

leg swelling

consistent stomach discomfort

unusual skin bruising or identify round areas beyond the injection site

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These signs might have been connected to the AstraZeneca vaccine if they were within 28 days of the shot.

There are currently three vaccines being presented throughout the UK; the AstraZeneca offering, the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Moderna jabs.

The MHRA is consistently examining vaccine safety as and when data can be found in and it stated the “guidance remains that the advantages of the vaccine outweigh the dangers in the bulk of people”.

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