Assam assembly elections: Identity politics gets force ahead of

Guwahati: As Assam gears up for the assembly surveys, the judgment BJP is harping on a three-pronged method to keep its Eastern bastion—- developing a distinction amongst the Muslim population by asking only those from Assam to choose them while disowning Muslims from Bangladesh; leveraging the political dividends from PM Modi Shah and Nirmala Sitharaman’s visits to the state; and insisting on redoing thelists, if large-scale anomalies are discovered in the re-verification exercise.The celebration is making its presence felt in essential pockets like the most recent go to planned by Financing Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 6 to the tea estates of Assam. Over 8 lakh tea employees will be offered Rs 3,000 each through direct benefit transfer (they had gotten Rs 5,000 earlier in two instalments)—- wooing the tea people, an essential support base for the BJP in Assam, who are a figuring out consider at least 30 assembly seats. The tea belts of Brahmaputra and Barak valley has more than 60 lakh people.Similarly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will check out Dhekiajuli on February 7 to lay the foundation of 2 medical colleges and inaugurate roads projects under Assam Mala. The place is a tea producing area in the North bank of Brahmaputra. While the BJP had, in 2016, campaigned saying the election was the last fight of Saraighat, describing the 1671 fight in which the Ahom army in Assam had beat the Mughals, its focus this time is on playing the native card.The BJP has been explicitly specifying that it does not need the votes of the Bengali-speaking Miya Muslims declaring them to be common and whose culture remains in difference to the Assamese culture. Muslims in Assam has actually various division based on social and linguistic background—- those who are descendants of Bengali-speaking Muslims are called ‘miyas’. The natural repercussion is that this faction is likely to gravitate to the Congress and All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), which are jointly combating this year’s assembly polls. They have in the past supported Congress and AIUDF.BJP’s stance can be critical as Muslims comprise 34% of the 3.12 crore population of Assam, of which 4% are indigenous Assamese Muslims and the staying mostly Bengalispeaking Muslims. Muslim votes are a determining consider at least 30-35 assembly seats. Assam financing minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has actually been really vocal about his stand against the Miya Muslims. He claimed that the BJP would not provide celebration tickets to the Miya Muslims of Assam and even asked the Congress not to offer tickets to them.Sarma said, “In Assam, Muslims are divided into 2 streams, one who are indigenous and the other who have originated from Bangladesh at various points of time. They have begun to identify themselves as Miyas. They are very common and really fundamentalist. They have begun to recognize themselves with different activities to misshape the Assamese culture and language. Morally, I can not stand in the assembly if they voted for us. If you determine yourself as Miya Muslims do not elect us, if you recognize yourself as Assamese Muslims, please elect us.”The native Muslim communities consist of Gorias, Morias, Deshis and Jolahs. “We will offer party tickets for Muslims, however not give tickets to those who determine themselves as Miya Muslim in the context of Assam. In Assam, the word Miya has actually been used to challenge our identity, our culture by a specific micro area of Muslims. We are not going to provide tickets. With folded hands, I request them not to elect us even by mistake. But those Muslims who determine India and Assam as our mother land, they will choose us. I am likewise asking for the Congress not to allow the Miyas to thrive”. AICC basic secretary in-charge of Assam Jitendra Singh countered this saying, “Assam’s identity, culture and language is under danger under BJP’s rule. The BJP only wants to divide individuals.”

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