Anti mask TikToker implicated of MURDER by trolls after exposing THREE

AN anti-mask TikToker who revealed that she lost 3 family members to Covid has actually been accused of murder by giants in the United States.

Jada Woods, 26, from Alabama, US, informed her followers on TikTok that she had lost her father, uncle and auntie to Covid-19, all within days of each other.

In a psychological post on the website she exposed that she was on her method to her uncle’s funeral.

She goes onto say the following day she would be attending her ‘papa’s funeral’, who she says she was fishing with simply a number of weeks prior to he died.

Her aunt was suffering from the virus at the time and was on a ventilator, Jada later on published a video she had also died.

However trolls on TikTok were not compassionate towards her loss as she had actually formerly downplayed mask-wearing to her 62,000 followers on TikTok.

In old videos she was seen saying: “Is it just me, or are masks really not needed? It’s simply the sign that says, ‘Masks are needed.’ For federal government factors I guess, I don’t know.

” However recently, I forget my mask and I go up to a store and it says ‘Masks required’ and I’m like, crap. I’m just gon na enter anyhow and see if they let me in.

” I never ever have anything stated to me, so now I just do not wear it. Nobody says anything!”

Some even claimed that Jada’s nonchalance towards the virus made her responsible for murder.

Someone who commented, highlighted by Daily Dot stated: “I seem like an evildoer, but I’m not finding a great deal of compassion in my heart for her. Who knows the number of individuals she murdered with her flippancy prior to it began affecting her personally? So selfish.”

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Despite the outlandish claims by the trolls, there is idea that Jada infected anybody with Covid-19.

She seemed unfazed by the backlash and defiantly shared a video of her going into Starbucks putting on sequined facemask, which she said was “for all the haters.”

Although she formerly questioned using a mask, Jada now sees the importance of them and is taking Covid seriously.

She has actually also gotten rid of all anti-mask material from her TikTok page.

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