Anderson Cooper states he and ex Benjamin Maisani are still living

Anderson Cooper has opened up about the truths of co-parenting his boy with his ex-boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, exposing that he and his former partner still cohabit.

The anchor, who welcomed his nine-month-old child Wyatt Morgan in April, discussed the distinct parenting situation during a look on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, where he said their arrangement is “odd’ however “exercises”.

” We in fact still reside in the same home since we get along actually well and, yeah, it’s weird but it works out,” he stated. “It’s interesting, he wasn’t truly sure he wanted to have a kid – which is one of the reasons we probably separated – however then he happened to the concept, and now he is such a great moms and dad.”

Cooper then shared one memory that stands out, remembering the time he and Maisani took their child to get his youth vaccines.

Joking that the nine-month-old did not skip the line for the Covid vaccine, and only received “the routine course that kids get,” the 53-year-old informed DeGeneres: “Wyatt does not weep when he gets his shot. However I turned around when Wyatt got his first shot, and Benjamin is weeping. He’s become this, like, huge softie. It’s truly sweet to see.”

While Cooper admires the moms and dad that his previous partner has actually become, he turned down DeGeneres’ idea that he and Maisani may return together.

After the host stated: “Well, perhaps y’ all will get back together?” Cooper reacted: “No, no, that’s not gon na happen.”

The reporter is open to adding to their family, nevertheless, responding to DeGeneres’ concern about possibly having a 2nd infant: “There’s absolutely nothing in the works but … I do not know, yes, I would like to … I believe it would be excellent for him to have a sibling.

” I’m unsure I might handle another, however he’s truly such an easy kid. He’s such a delighted little chappie and it’s such a joy.”

Cooper first revealed that he and Maisani, who were together for 10 years prior to separating in 2018, would be co-parenting Wyatt throughout a look on The Howard Stern Program in Might 2020, where he stated: “If more people like my child and remain in his life, I’m all for that.”

The father-of-one also exposed that his own childhood affected his choice, telling Stern that he wished he had had an adult step in after his dad died who he might have invested quality time with.

Describing that his late mom was not the “most parental parent,” he stated: “And I want some adult after my papa passed away had stepped in and just resembled do you know what, I’ll take you to a ball game, let’s head out to lunch from time to time and let’s simply talk. Nobody ever did that.”

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