Amit Shah: ‘People of West Bengal are combating the polls, half of TMC

(This story initially appeared in on Mar 24, 2021).

Who says we don’t have an appropriate organisational base? We have formed committees in 85% of cubicles in the state. In Lok Sabha surveys, BJP won 18 seats and lost three by a margin of less than 5,000 votes. Twenty-one seats suggests 50% of the electorate. This when really few were all set to think that BJP might win those numerous seats. There is no such scepticism now about our ability. After 18 Lok Sabha seats, confidence in BJP has increased manifold. I’m completely confident that we will win more than 200 seats.Congress’s alliance with Badruddin Ajmal will be the principal factor for its defeat. Before BJP formed the federal government in the state, Assam was understood for agitations, terrorism and seepage. Congress can’t include infiltration with the help of Ajmal, people of the state understand this. In the last five years, over 2,000 armed ultras have actually surrendered. The state, which utilized to be under curfew for months, has actually not seen one stretching more than 7-8 days in the previous 5 years. There has been peace in Assam for the previous 5 years.We have actually made Assam without seepage, lawlessness and terrorism, and now we have promised to save it from floods. Do you understand that where we are speaking right now, in the heart of Bodoland, more than 5,000 individuals were eliminated during Congress rule? However, we signed the Bodo contract after which peace was restored. What Congress could refrain from doing in 60 years, BJP has carried out in the previous 5. 5 bridges on Brahmaputra have actually been constructed in the duration. We have set up NID, agricultural research study institute and, also, a cancer medical facility. It was BJP which gave the nation’s greatest civilian award, Bharat Ratna, on Bhupen Hazarika. The ‘karmbhoomi’ of Sankardev and Kaziranga were as soon as understood for infiltration, which is now a thing of the past.Tea garden workers are strongly with BJP as the Modi federal government cares about their well-being. Rs 12,500 is offered to pregnant women from a worker’s household. All advantages are being sent into their accounts straight and so they don’t have to pay cut money. The Modi federal government has actually announced Rs 1,000 crore for numerous well-being activities for tea garden workers. Our company believe in shipment and performance. If someone (Rahul, Priyanka) comes for ‘tourism’ and ‘photo ops’, it’s a various matter. It( Congress) has absolutely nothing left in Assam and Bengal. BJP will win more than 200 seats in Bengal and form a full majority government in Assam. For Rahul Gandhi, a tour of Assam is nothing more than a picnic. For a party which ruled over 4 generations of Indians, and whose leaders have actually not done anything for everyday wagers and labourers working in the tea gardens of Assam, to speak about labourers is really a laughable matter.In all three states, BJP’s variety of seats will increase and NDA will once again form government in Tamil Nadu.CAA is a national law … we have mentioned it in the Bengal manifesto as TMC had actually revealed that it will not implement it.As I have actually already stated, these alliances will be the reason for Congress’s defeat. And I fail to understand this celebration’s definition of ‘secularism’. Congress has an alliance with Ajmal in Assam, in Bengal they have Furfura Sharif Peerzada, and Muslim League is its ally in Kerala. It is for the people of the country to see who is ‘common’ and doing politics of polarisation.We have been raising issues which concern the commoner. If raising concerns of individuals is polarisation and divisive, I have nothing to say about such a meaning. Mamata Banerjee must first respond to why she had actually prohibited Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. Why curbs were imposed on celebrations which are intrinsic to Bengal? On the other hand, we have a positive message to convey; that is, there need to be no restriction on spiritual activities. There need to be liberty to celebrate celebrations. We have no objection to Ramzan or Christmas celebrations either. However we have issues with the kind of politics which seeks to prohibit Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja in the state.The most significant element is the Modi government’s program of advancement. The PM’s vision will strike home with the people of Bengal. Lakhs of people are concerning Modi’s rallies which informs a lot. Besides, if you make calculations based upon BJP’s performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, you will get the answer. Individuals of West Bengal are objecting to the polls. They have made up their mind to dump the 10 years of misrule under Mamata Banerjee. Majority of TMC has already give up the party.I have actually stated a number of times and restate that Mamata Banerjee wants to make her nephew chief minister of West Bengal, whereas PM Modi has taken a promise to restore the splendor of the state and develop it as ‘Finder Bangla’. It is for individuals of the state to decide whether they want to see her nephew taking control of as chief minister or the realisation of the dream of ‘Finder Bangla’ under the assistance of Modi. Take a look at our celebration manifesto, it speaks not just about well-being and facilities however also about culture and heritage. Individuals of the state are forced to pay cut cash for work, which has been justified by Mamata Didi. This corrupt practice should pertain to an end.TMC and Mamata Didi will get the answer on May 2. As I have actually said, we have an organisational base across the state, right to the booth level. This has been accomplished after numerous years of effort and preparation. There might have been a couple of occurrences of distress however BJP is a cadre-based celebration and thinks in discipline. The entire party is together.

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