Am I in Covid tier 1, 2 or 3?

England went back to a three-tier system of limitations after the nationwide lockdown ended on 2 December.

Different parts of the nation were as soon as again been split into “medium” (tier 1), “high” (tier 2), or “extremely high” (tier 3), regional coronavirus alert locations, with respective sets of rules depending upon the classification.

London, which was placed under tier 2 constraints on the 2 December, now runs the risk of being positioned under tier 3 limitations, as the latest figures reveal the capital’s Covid-19 infection rate is the greatest in England.

The three tier system is being upgraded on a fortnightly basis, with the next announcement due to happen on Wednesday 16 December.

People can discover which alert level their location falls under using the postcode search available on the federal government website. You can likewise refer to a full list here. The NHS Covid 19 app will also be upgraded and reveal which local alert level uses in which area

How does a three-tier lockdown work?? England has actually when again been divided into various tiers based upon local infection rates, which will dictate the intensity of restrictions in each area.

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The three alert levels cover from the minimum level of restrictions applicable to all of England, including the guideline of six and 11pm hospitality curfews, to the most strict measures reserved for the highest level.

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Medium Tier (1 )– Individuals are expected to follow basic restrictions that are in place across the nation, such as the rule of six, an 11pm hospitality curfew and social distancing.

High Tier (2 )– All of the rules for medium tier, plus families are banned from blending inside but can still blend outdoors as long as there are 6 people or less.

Very High Tier (3 )– People should not have any social contact with anyone outside their household (unless you are a support bubble) indoors but can still meet outdoors in parks and other public areas in groups of 6 or fewer. Clubs and bars will be closed unless they can operate as delivery or takeaway services.

Click here for the complete list of constraints in each tier.

How will I understand what tier my area falls under?? London and Liverpool remain in tier 2, while Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham remain in tier 3.

If you wish to find out what tier your city falls under there are a variety of methods you can examine.

There is a postcode search offered on the government website, while the NHS Covid 19 app will reveal which local alert level uses in which area.

You could also describe a complete list of which locations have actually been allocated to which tiers here.

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