AAP, BJP trade barbs over Delhi’s ‘most polluted capital city’ tag

A day after Delhi was stated as the most polluted capital city in the world, the judgment AAP and opposition BJP on Wednesday delighted in a blame game over the problem of contamination in the national capital.

Delhi BJP representatives Harish Khurana and Praveen Shankar Kapoor, in a press conference, declared that the Arvind Kejriwal federal government failed to use its environment budget Citing documents, they declared that throughout financial years 2019-20 and 2020-21, the AAP federal government “stopped working” to make use of the spending plan designated for environment. In the existing year 2020-21 alone, over 60 percent of the environment budget plan is about to lapse, they said.The Kejriwal federal government needs to immediately form a specialist committee to study various factors of pollution throughout the year and recommend ways to suppress it, the BJP leaders demanded.Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai, however, stated the “central federal government had actually permitted the lapse of the Commission for Air Quality Management, and until the Centre gets serious about combating contamination, nothing might be done”. Twenty-two of the world’s 30 most contaminated cities are in India, with Delhi being ranked as the most polluted capital city globally, the World Air Quality Report, 2020 stated on Tuesday.The report, prepared by Swiss company IQAir, was released globally. It, however, reveals that Delhi’s air quality improved by around 15 percent from 2019 to 2020.”The current report of Green Peace Asia stating that 54,000 individuals lost their lives in 2020 in Delhi due to contamination speaks volumes about the Kejriwal federal government’s incompetence to control contamination,” Khurana charged.Kapoor declared that rather of working to bring a holistic plan to fight pollution, the Aam Aadmi Celebration (AAP) leaders are wasting time on implicating the Centre.”Delhi has actually turned into a gas chamber, but shockingly there is no study report to clinically tell the factors of contamination development in Delhi. Who is stopping the Kejriwal government to release an efficient anti-pollution campaign?” he asked.Defending the Delhi government, Rai said efforts of the judgment dispensation have helped reduce contamination by up to 15 per cent in the city.”We are increasing the green belt, generated a progressive electric car policy and working towards making Delhi more environment-friendly,” he said.The Delhi government had actually submitted a petition to the Commission for Air Quality Management to attend to stubble burning, but now with the Commission having lapsed, the issue remains unaddressed, he said.The minister restated that it was now up to the central federal government to do its part.”The objective of the central government was clear, which had actually done nothing to shut down contaminating thermal power plants that are still practical in neighbouring states. It likewise had taken no action to close down brick kilns, and the result is for all to see,” he added.

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